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If a project appeals to you, please feel free to send us your job application. If there is no appropriate project available to you, please proactively send us your initiative job application, as the company of Salus Aviation GmbH is currently setting up its operative activities in the field of Helicopter Emergency Medical Service worldwide. The Salus Aviation project team is looking for qualified and motivated


• Medical specialists and emergency physicians

• Paramedics

• Specialized nurses


Become part of our team. Please send your application, attaching the usual documents to:


(Important: Please only send job applications to us in a Word format or as a PDF with a total maximum size of 5 MB)


or per mail to:


Salus Aviation GmbH

Wutzlhofen 29a

93057 Regensburg



Please bear in mind that your documents will be archived (until cancelled by you) and they will automatically be verified according to the criteria required, if there are any new job offers.






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